​​   First I would like to thank all of my family, friends, and customer for the success of Halfway to Havana 2 and Havana Through the Door. The goal was to bring an idea and concept to Anderson that would enhance Anderson's growth.

    I pinned the phrase "All About the Experience" for my business and from the uniqueness, ambience, products, and customer service I believe I truly delivered that to Anderson.

    When customers came in I always asked how they had found me, google and friends were always the answer. Word of mouth was my advertising! It was the experience that one had that brought in so many great people from all walks of life that I took the most pride in throughout this experience.

    After heavy thought, extensive evaluation and most importantly prayer I have decided to close the doors to Havana on April 30th or whenever I run out of inventory, whichever happens first.

     To all my customers, loyal friends, and especially the ones I consider family, thank you! Thank you for your patience, friendship, and never ending support.

     This is not the final chapter, this is the beginning of God's great plan to use me for his glory in all the talent he has blessed me with, so stay tuned! Again thank you all!

  I also will be closed April 12th for a private party, sorry for the inconvenience.

    Havana Through the Door "It's All About the Experience"